Friday, June 1, 2007

When Add-on's Attack!

There are some user interface mods that do some pretty cool shit. There are others that I am convinced are only created to give GM's headaches. You can't see your pet bar? Reset UI. You can't loot? Reset UI. I don't know what you just said? Reset UI.

Then there are add-on's that are just plain funny. Especially if you install them on your roommates computer without them knowing.

GM: Avast! This be Game Master #####. How are ye
doing this fine morn'?

Player: pissed off why be i talkin' like a pirate Arrr!
GM: Ah yes, I understand ye be having an issue with your
chat. How long has this been happening?

Player: since 10am
Player: it was cool at first but now noone be taking, yarrr, me
GM: Yarrr! Have ye recently installed any of those dastardly
User Interface modifications recently?

Player: not lately
GM: Is your chat affected outside of the game as well? Or is
this only in-game, where the battle
between Humans and Orcs rages on?!

Player: only in game
Player: i checked to see if anyone installed any modifications on
me computer and nothin' recently has been downloaded
Player: Me hearties! Dont get me wrong this pirate chat be cool
Player: just i want to be taken, yarrr, seriously Arrr!
GM: ::nods:: In order to get to the bottom of this issue. I
would like to provide ye with instructions on resetting
your User Interface.

Player: Begad! how do i do that
GM: Ahoy, to do this, you will need to exit the game mightily.
Go to the game directory and find 3 folders;
Wtf, Wdb, and Interface

Player: its an actually file?
Player: Begad! actual file*
GM: Aye. They are folders in the game directory.
GM: What you will need to do is delete or rename these
folders. You can rename them to Wtfold, Wdbold and

Player: how could this be a hardware problem though
GM: Hardware? No, these instructions are simply to reset the
User Interface in the game.

Player: just a question though
GM: Would you like me to be sendin' the instructions via
e-mail as well?

Player: Shiver me timbers! how be this pirate problem effectin'
me user interface whar that be only affected when i
Download stuff
Player: i assure ye i be not doin' this to piss ye off Arrr!
Player: i thought this war a punishment 'o some sort or a pirate
day that ye bamboozled folk do
GM: Yar. I'm not sure what the exact cause of the issue is.
Which is why we must reset the user interface first so we
can narrow down the possibilities.

Player: Avast! i assure ye its nothin' i downloaded
Player: and i dont believe ctraid and titan would affect me
GM: Yarrr, you must still reset that User Interface regardless.
Do you have time to do that now?

Player: ill try
Player: so i take what folders again and do what to them
GM Exit the game completely. Go to the game
directory and find 3 folders; WTF, WDB, and Interface
GM: Delete those folders and then launch the game using

Player: alrighty Arrr!
Player: thats it?
GM: Yarr.
Player: Me hearties! k Arrr!
GM: Arrr, I'll wait har and message you upon your return. Aye,
me parrot concurs.

Player: Begad! thats not funny
Player: dont mock me please
GM: Welcome back.
Player: yeah its gone
Player: thanks
GM: You're quite welcome. I'm glad we could resolve that. It
appears that, somehow, an add-on was installed that
altered your speech.

Player: is it illegal to do that
GM: To speak like a pirate?
Player: yeah to have a mod that alters your speech?
GM: Not at this time, but you would be held responsible for
anything that any addon may make you say that is in
violation of the harassment policy.

GM: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Player: no that will be all thank you mister GM
GM: Yarr. Thanks for your time, Keldaris. Enjoy the game
and have an excellent day! :)

Player: you too

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