Monday, May 28, 2007

Defraud of the Coin

Anyone who plays MMO's knows about the rampant gold farmer problem. While the in-game spam and the bot's stealing your camping spot can be annoying, they provide the best comical relief for a GM.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the farmers decide that they need to dump an account and get it banned. I suspect this is because of competition within the gold farming game, and accounts get hijacked and banned to eliminate the competition. Regardless, the shit that they do to try to get banned is awesome. There will be blatant teleporting and speed hacking and the foulest language that they can find in their english translation dictionaries. Here are a few random conversations with our friends from the far east.

GM: Hello Player, this is Game Master #####. May I please have a moment of your time?
Player: fuck you
Player: fuck you GM
GM: I do not appreciate this language.
Player: 13736636233 L
GM: This account was reported using inappropriate language which violates our harassment policy. An e-mail has been sent with further information. At this time you are only receiving a warning.
Player: FUCK YOU FUCK !@#$%^&^%$@#@$#@%$#%$%^%^
Player: !@$$#%#@@#%#$#$%%#$%#$%$^$#@#@$#@$##$%$%$#%#$%#$$#$@#%
Player: hrb kteir;thuerhtjuilreuypoiewrjnhwqieufyi87y5k,njtl;jpuropitui
Player: cao ni mamm ni ma mei mao ni jiejei de bu huai l
GM: Why do you feel the need to use such language?
Player: yes fuk you
Player: cao ni mamm ni ma mei mao ni jiejei de bu huai l
GM: I would suggest refraining from using such language with a GM as it may result in action against your account.
Player: cao ni mamm ni ma mei mao ni jiejei de bu huai l
Player: fuk you fuk you
Player: GM i love you fuk you
Player: GM i love fuck you

Ah, good times. This next one ended up being two gold farmers who constantly reported eachother to get the other banned.

GM: Greetings Player, this is Game Master #####. Do you have a
moment to discuss your petition?
GM: Are you there Player?
GM: Are you there?

Player: you or ganize me
GM: I am not sure what you are asking.
Player: colcol ???????????????????
GM: What is the issue with Colcol?
Player: Defraud of the coin
GM: You were scammed by this player?
Player: ???????????
GM: How did he defraud of the coin?
Player: It is colcol in the game
Player: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
GM: I understand. But what did Colcol do?
Player: yes!
GM: Ok, I will investigate the issue and take the appropriate
action. Thank you for the report.

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