Monday, May 28, 2007

The Name Game

So many people try to get their names changed. Either they couldn't think of something at creation, or they scammed someone or are trying to hide, or maybe they just simply want a change. Only problem is, you can't. But this doesn't stop thousands of people to try it every day.

There are some pretty creative people out there who come up with elaborate reasons for name changes.

Player: i am here
Player: sorry had to get some soda
Player: hello
Player: I am here
GM: Hi
Player: sorry bout that
GM Not a problem ^_^. So what did you want to talk about?
Player: it is regarding my name
GM: Okay.
GM: Go ahead.

Player: when I first created my character I was a big partier and
drinker and since then I have gotten into trouble with
alcohol and I have gotten married and have turned over a
new leaf
GM: I see. Well thats good. I’m happy for you.
Player: i now go to church and I do not want my name to be
affiliated with alcohol
Player: if u go to u will see
GM: I see. Well, unfortunately, we are unable to change your
name as it does not violate any of our naming policies. I
apologize for not being able to assist you further =/. Was
there anything else you needed assistance with today?

Player: is advertising
Player: that is completely against policy I have read it
GM: I'm afraid it cannot be changed.
GM: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Player: so if I span www,ciroc,com it is not in violation
Player: i can promote my name
GM: I apologize but if you have no further issues, I'll need to
move on to assist other players.

Player: why cant u guys do me a favor
Player: i pay 15.00 a month and u cant even help me out
GM: It appears you have no further issues. I apologize again for
being unable to assist you further.
GM: Thank you for playing. Have a great day!

Player: asshoke
Player: u are an asshole
GM: Thats not a very nice thing to say. Especially for a church-going man.
Player: i do not understand how u even got hired
GM I'm a terrific GM. I'm sorry you feel differently.
Player: u cant help out someone with a simple click that u have to
GM: Hey, its not my rules. Take it up with the “man”.
Player: all i want to do is switch my name with another one of my
GM: Well, I'm sorry but I just can't do it.
Player: people get their name changed when they are called
GM: Have a good day!
Player: i am an alcoholic beverage name that is trademarked and u
wont even change it
GM: Your feedback is highly valued! For any comments or
concerns about the quality of service provided by our
Customer Support Staff, please email us!

Player: can i pay a service fee or something
GM: Nope. Afraid not. *waves goodbye*

The best is when you catch people in their lie and throw it back at them. We can see everything you have said in game, yet that doesn't stop people from asking for a name change, and at the same time chatting to their friends or guildmates about how everything they said in their petition was fake. Hey, guess what. I'm bored and I search that shit.

Shafiq whispers Rype: i think imma apply yo the wraith
Rype whispers Shafiq: with us dude..that would be great...
Shafiq whispers Rype: im just trying to get my name changed first so my mains guild wont get mad at me ...

Smooth move.

GM: Hello Shafiq, this is Game Master #####. How are you doing today?
Player: mehh
Player: how are u
GM: Pretty good. I have received your petition regarding a potential harassment situation. What are the names of the players that you feel are harassing you?
Player: man its people in vent, so in a 40 man raid i couldnt really tell u who
GM: Unfortunately I am unable to action against things said over a third party voice communication program.
Player: Is there anything i can do about my name since it is an ethnic name and i am getting harrasst for it?
Player: i hate for racism to get in the way of my gamingw
GM: Unfortunately there is presently no process for letting a player change their name, unless it violates our naming policy.
Player: i read in the naming policy about racism issuea, does this fall under that?
GM: Your name is not in violation of the policy.
Player: u dont know wat it is like to get made fun of in a game because of ur name. and then have the makers of the game say "There is nothing we can do to help u" i mean cmon man
Player: i have asked other ppl and they said a GM can help u change ur name to stop the issues at hand
GM: Just so you know, even if your name was changed, for anyone who has you on their friends list, their list would be updated to reflect the change.
GM: So they would still know that you are raiding with another guild.

Player: ok
GM: I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but your name can not be changed.
GM: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
GM: I appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you for playing and have a good day.

Player: You judge me just like every1 else
GM: Your feedback is highly valued. For any comments or concerns about the quality of service provided by our Customer Support Staff, please email us.

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